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The 3D Internet is Coming

I read an interesting article entitled “Intel Guru Predicts a 3D Internet in Five Years.” The article talks about some of what I have said here, which is that the true 3D Internet will couple 3D online spaces with 3D interface technology. For a copy of the article, click here.
The person discussed in the article, Sean Koehl, is a technology evangelist for Intel. He mentions the oft-cited rationale for believing that 3D technology is coming, namely explosive increases in computing power at our disposal. What is different about his view, however, is that he is on the “inside,” being an evangelist for Intel. He is seeing the power of computing first hand at a company that is making this vast increase possible.

He acknowledges Second Life as a step on the way, but mentions that the service could use some improvement with enhanced graphics. The ultimate vision, though, is one in which you can interact with others via the Internet, and it appears that others are in the room with you. We have a way to go before we get to that point, but the article confirms the design vision of what the industry is trying to achieve.