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Blingville v. Zynga Settled

I have been following the Blingville v. Zynga defensive suit here, here, and here, in which Blingville, LLC filed suit against Zynga in the Northern District of West Virginia. Blingville sought to stave off Zynga’s claims of trademark infringement by contending that its use of the mark BLINGVILLE for a game does not violate Zynga’s trademark rights. After checking the docket, I can see that the month after I last checked in with the case, the case settled, and the resulting consent judgment shows that Zynga achieved its goal of stopping Blingville, although Zynga did not extract any money from Blingville as a result of the case. For a copy of the consent judgment, click here. Read More...

Five Key Goals in Video Game or Virtual World Contracts

Let’s say that your business is hiring an independent programmer to help create your video game or create virtual products in a virtual world. What are the five key things your contract should accomplish? Read More...