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All Quiet in Playfish v. Rackspace

I recently checked the docket again in the Playfish v. Rackspace case. See the post here concerning the filing of the complaint in that case last fall. The case has seen no filings, except for one, since the first month of the case, although the docket would not show some of the evidence gathering the parties may be conducting at the moment. Nonetheless, the parties should be undergoing the case management process, which should yield some filings. Consequently, there is some chance the parties are trying to settle the matter, or it has not been in Playfish’s interest to pursue it.
The one recent filing was a notice on January 28, 2010 that Benjamin Duranske is withdrawing from representing Playfish. Ben recently left his firm, and therefore was not in a position to continue acting as counsel for Playfish. Nonetheless, the case continues without any visible sign of settlement or resolution. I will continue to follow developments in the case from time to time.