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Virtual Worlds Law Course at Santa Clara Univeristy Law School

This summer, I had the pleasure of teaching a course in Virtual Worlds Law (besides having an all-consuming spring and summer preparing for a trial). I co-taught the course with Benjamin Duranske, an attorney at Pillsbury. And I will be following up with the course on this blog by sharing some thoughts about some of the virtual worlds law issues we explored.
A Google search reveals a number of other courses covering virtual worlds law offered in a law school setting, such as this one at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law School in the Fall 2007 term. Charles Nesson held class sessions in Second Life in 2006.

To the extent that the 3D Internet is the future of the Internet, we need to educate the next generation of lawyers on 3D Internet law issues. The natural setting for such education is law school. Accordingly, I am reaching out to various law schools to encourage more courses on 3D Internet law. We shall see how many more law schools will offer 3D Internet law courses this fall.