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New Leadership at the SL Bar Association

The SL Bar Association chose a new president and executive board at its recent meeting on July 17, 2010. Daniel Perry (SL: DanielPerry Laa) will become the fourth president of the SL Bar Association. He will now serve as President-Elect until next February 1, at which time he will become President.
At the meeting, DanielPerry Laa stated the following concerning his background and interests regarding his upcoming leadership of the SLBA:

“My RL name is Daniel Perry. I practice Internet Law in Orlando, Florida. I have been active in many tech circles since 1983. I am General Counsel to identity Commons, Inc., - a digital identity not-for-profit. I support SLBA and all of your efforts to broaden SLBA's appeal. More specifically, I would like to increase CLE or VCLE in the coming years. I also want to build more SL friendly venues for lawyers.”

Tim Faith (SL: Yoss Kamachi) will serve as VP-Communications/Secretary this bar year. A. Craig Abrahamson (SL: Lexis Looming) will continue another year as VP-Finance/CFO. New executive board members include Tamiko Franklin (SL: Juris Amat), Agenda Faromet (SL name), and JP Tangen (SL: Sam4 Courtois). All of these members took their offices after their election on August 1, 2010.